The School Day

Information about the school day, such as school meals, school uniforms, transport, school times, holidays and closures, homework, trips and visits, communications, discipline, illness and absence.

School Meals

The school is committed to promoting healthy eating as part of our Personal, Social and Health Education programme. Our school meals are an important way of presenting children with a range of healthy but appealing food choices, including a vegetarian option. School meals are prepared to cater for students dietary requirements. Parents are welcome to join us for dinner as well if they wish – please ask the class team to arrange this.

School meals are prepared on site and the children all sit together, including those who bring a packed lunch. If you wish to change from packed lunch to school dinners or vice versa it would be helpful if you could give us two weeks’ notice. Mid-morning snacks, fresh fruit and drinks are also available daily. Dinner money is collected on Mondays. If you wish to pay for a half term’s or a full term’s meals in advance, please contact the office to find out the correct amount, and to whom to make the cheques payable. Free school meals are provided to some children by reason of the parents’ income level in accordance with scales laid down by the local education authority. If you think your child may be entitled to free meals, please contact the school or the Education office. Children who receive free school meals are not distinguished in any way from those who pay. Children who are entitled to free schools meals also attract the pupil premium funding. If you wish your child to have a packed lunch, please support our healthy education programme by encouraging your child to eat healthily, e.g. include fresh fruit and vegetables, avoid high fat and high salt content food. Please do not bring sweets, chocolate bars or fizzy drinks in lunch boxes. Packed lunches must be in a named lunch box.

Water is provided for all children at lunchtime whether they take a school meal or bring a packed lunch. The children are supervised at lunchtime by Midday Supervisors under the direction of the Headteacher.

School Uniforms

We do encourage high standards of personal appearance. Teaching children dressing skills is an important aspect of school life and therefore we encourage all clothing to be practical and sensible. Our policy is the voluntary wearing of school uniform. This uniform is simple and practical. The school colours are Navy Blue and Emerald Green. Sample sweatshirts and polo shirts are available at school. We feel very positive about our school colours. Following discussions with all of our stakeholders we feel that our Phoenix uniform emphasises our feeling of belonging to the school community and an identity for all of our pupils. Please contact the office for the current prices of uniform.   

You are also able to order uniform direct from our supplier Chromasport, based in Bretton, tel: 01733 262526

Opening hours:
Mon-Fri 9am-5.30pm
Sat 9am-1pm

For Physical Education your child will need:

– Shorts/joggers (preferably dark colours).

– T-shirt (preferably white).

– Swimwear/towel/P.E. swim bag.

Please can you ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child’s name. 


The Local Authority in accordance with the Authority Transport Policy decides the transport needs of the pupils. If your child is eligible for transport you will be informed by the transport department of the pick up and drop off times. At the Phoenix School we work very closely with the Passenger Transport Team to ensure that the best interest and the safety of the children is paramount. A special home/school transport guide for the Phoenix School is available on request.

School Times, Holidays and Closures

The Phoenix School begins at 9.00am and finishes at 3.30pm. The morning sessions is 9.00am – 12.00pm with a break at 10.30am. Lunchtime is between 12.00-1-30pm. The afternoon sessions is 1.30pm – 3.30pm. The Dfes have recommended certain minimum weekly lesson times i.e. the length of time when pupils are actually being taught. The school has been mindful of these times when organising the school day; 21 hours for 5 to 7 year olds, 23.5 hours for 8 to 11 year olds, 24 hours for 12 to 16 year olds. Children should be taught 190 days.

View this year’s term dates.

If severe weather conditions set in please listen to the local radio over which closure announcements will be made. Please ensure that a responsible person is available to be contacted at all times whilst pupils attend school. During bouts of adverse weather all families will be notified of any necessary early closure or changes to transport and information posted on the home page of this website.


At the Phoenix School we do not give homework to every child. This was discussed when we negotiated the home school agreement with parents/carers and governors. Due to the diversity of needs of the children within our school, appropriate activities to undertake at home will vary according to the individual child. We also run workshops for parents/carers to share work with their child at home. In addition subject coordinators will give ideas to be practiced at home to support themes and topics being covered in school.

Trips and Visits

Educational visits, residential holidays and visits are a part of the life of school. Pupils regularly visit many local places of interest in an attempt to offer as many new experiences as possible. We have to have your written permission for any out of school visits. There will be an annual permission slip for local visits that will require your signatory. Please look out for the special reply slips at the bottom of notes from school and help us by signing and returning them immediately. This helps us to plan accordingly. Without this permission we will be unable to take the child out of school.

Communications from School

Notices about school events, visits and special dates are sent out to parents on a regular basis. Please check your child’s bag every night in case you miss an important announcement. If a reply is required please reply immediately as if replies are forgotten then it could result in the visit being postponed and it may mean that your child misses out on an important visit or event. Copies of letters, newsletters and other school communications can be found here.

Illness and Absence

Pupils who are unwell should not be sent to school. Parents/carers are asked to consider the vulnerability of some of our pupils especially those illnesses that are easily passed around. We will try and contact home if any child is taken ill during the school day, but will in the first instance seek the advice of the designated trained staff within school. Relevant services will be called in all cases of emergency. In accordance with advice given by colleagues within Community Medicine children who have been ill with sickness or diarrhoea should stay at home for 48 hours after the last bout of illness. It is desirable that parents/carers inform us if a child is on medication even if this medication is not administered at school as it could explain changes in behaviour, mood, attention and so on.

Absence / attendance. If your child is absent from school please can you inform us about the reason on that morning or at the earliest possible moment. We can authorise absence for sickness, medical appointments, religious festivals and family bereavement. A reminder form will be sent home if no written explanation has been received. Holidays are expected to be taken during normal school holidays. However if parents wish to take children out of school for a holiday during term time then a request form must be completed and permission granted. Improving school attendance is a government priority because children need to be in school to benefit from the teaching and learning opportunities. All schools have attendance targets which are monitored by the Local Authority and nationally.


Discipline is maintained by the encouragement and maintenance of high expectations and good standards of behaviour by all pupils. At all times a level of understanding the pupil, recognising their individuality and their unique view of the world must be taken into account. Strategies for dealing with inappropriate behaviour are constantly being considered by staff, parents/carers and other professional expertise are sought. As a result after this full consultation a consistent approach is adopted and specifically designed for individual pupils. Overall emphasis is on the recognition and reinforcement of good appropriate behaviour by praise and reward. Please ask for a copy of our behaviour policy.