Home/School Liaison

The Phoenix team value keeping close contact with parents/carers, recognising that a good working relationship is invaluable. Parents/carers are welcome to visit school at any time to seek advice and help. Likewise we will arrange a home visit if parents/carers would prefer. A variety of different methods are used to develop home school links further. 

These include:

– Visits

– Annual reviews

– Annual reports from governors

– Fundraising social events through our Friends of Phoenix

– Open evenings/curriculum evenings

– School events, sports days, concerts etc.

– Home school diaries

– Telephone contact

– Head teacher newsletters

– Parents support group meetings

– Parent governors surgeries

– Email/parent mail

– Family learning programmes

A member of staff has responsibility for coordinating with the head teacher in all aspects of home school liaison. Also our office staff are people you will get to know very well and often are the first point of contact with the school. Many of you will find their support and advice invaluable. The school operates a system of parent mail but also hard copies are still part of our current communications.

Visiting the School

In order to keep the site as secure as possible all outside doors to the school have an upgraded security system. All visitors must report to the main reception area, sign for arrival and departure times and collect an identity badge. The Health and Safety committee reviews school security. This committee is made up of staff and governors and meets termly. Reports are given to the full Governing body.

Home School Diaries

These books are our main line of communication with parents. We regard them as a very important feature of school life but rely on parents to make the system work. Please use them to let us have any information that may be helpful. This could include:

Anything out of the ordinary that you or your family have done e.g. made a visit – a useful talking point for the whole class at news time each morning.

Any information about circumstances, e.g. if your child has not been well – this will help us understand and adapt the support for your child.

We will use them too, to keep you informed about what is going on in school so you will have a talking point at home too! It cannot be stressed enough that this is a two way process in order that we can support your child’s development together. Where a child attends Respite Care we would ask that they also use these books, so all involved are kept informed.

Communications from School

Notices about school events, visits and special dates are sent out to parents on a regular basis. please check your child’s bag every night in case you miss an important announcement. If a reply is required please reply immediately as if replies are forgotten then it could result in the visit being postponed and it may mean that your child misses out on an important visit or event. Copies of letters, newsletters and other school communications can be found here.

Complaints and Comments

We strive to deliver the best possible education. However, from time to time, it is possible that you may feel that we have not lived up to your expectations. If this is the case then please tell us. Therefore if you have any worry or concern about your child’s education or experiences at school then please bring it to our attention. The Phoenix School has adopted a ‘complaints procedure’, which gives helpful information on the best way of expressing such concerns, and this policy can be provided on request by contacting the school. You can also ask to speak with a school governor.


We strive to deliver the best possible education. So please also let us know when we are meeting or exceeding your expectations. This could help us embed this good practice across the school or maintain this in the future. Please let us know in person or by using the form on the contact us page.