The Friends of Phoenix

The Friends of Phoenix School is an organisation that exists to support the school. It is made up of parents/carers, family members, staff and supporters of the Phoenix School. Together this team plan social and fund raising events throughout the year. Meetings are informal and forthcoming events are detailed in our school newsletter. This association was formed to foster social relationships between staff, parents, carers and friends of the school. If you are interested in joining this association of people who work together to enrich the experiences of pupils at the Phoenix School then please contact the school. All parents/carers/family members are welcomed to all meetings and the committee is happy to accept whatever help you can give. This is a voluntary association and the school places great value on its support and the funds they raise.

Community Links and Inclusion

Historically the school has been committed to supporting of Inclusion projects within a mainstream setting if it has been considered appropriate by all concerned. Inclusion with other schools, children and community is a vital part of the Phoenix philosophy. A member of the Leadership Group is responsible for the management of the Inclusion policy. We are fortunate to be sited within close proximity of many pre school, primary and secondary school settings. Older students sample the world of work through specific placements and also spend time within local Colleges of Further Education. Phoenix staff seek to continually establish close links with Peterborough businesses and surrounding communities. Local industries and people have been very supportive of our school by providing practical and financial assistance.

Extended School 

Every child at the Phoenix School is encouraged to take advantage of our comprehensive and exciting range of extended learning and extra curricular activities throughout the year. We recognise that many of our pupils gain as much success outside the curriculum as they do within it. Therefore as they compliment learning we value the benefits these experiences can bring.

Activities include:

– Sporting activities

– Creative arts

– Visits

– Residential holidays