Information for Families

School Meals

The school is committed to promoting healthy eating as part of our Personal, Social and Health Education programme. School meals are prepared to cater for pupil’s dietary needs. Mid-morning snacks, fresh fruit and drinks are also available daily.

If you wish to pay dinner monies please contact the office to find out how. Free school meals are provided to some children by reason of the parents’ income level in accordance with scales laid down by the local authority. If you think your child may be entitled to free meals, please contact our family liaison team. If you wish your can send your child in a healthy packed lunch.

Water is provided for all children at lunchtime whether they take a school meal or bring a packed lunch.

School Uniform 

We do encourage high standards of personal appearance. Teaching children dressing skills is an important aspect of school life and therefore we encourage all clothing to be practical and sensible. Our policy is the voluntary wearing of school uniform. This uniform is simple and practical. The school colours are Navy Blue and Emerald Green. Sample sweatshirts and polo shirts are available at school. Our Phoenix uniform emphasises our feeling of belonging to the school community and an identity for all of our pupils. Please contact the office for the current prices of uniform.

You are also able to order uniform direct from our supplier Chromasport, based in Bretton, tel: 01733 262526

Illness and Absence

Pupils who are unwell should not be sent to school. Parents/carers are asked to consider the vulnerability of some of our pupils especially those illnesses that are easily passed around. We will try and contact home if any child is taken ill during the school day, but will in the first instance seek the advice of the designated trained staff within school. Relevant services will be called in all cases of emergency. In accordance with advice given by colleagues within Community Medicine children who have been ill with sickness or diarrhoea should stay at home for 48 hours after the last bout of illness. You can view our full absence policy below.

Attendance and Absence Policy


At the Phoenix School we do not give homework to every child. This was discussed when we negotiated the home school agreement with parents/carers and governors. Due to the diversity of needs of the children within our school, appropriate activities to undertake at home will vary according to the individual child. We also run workshops for parents/carers to share work with their child at home. In addition family groups can give ideas to be practiced at home to support themes and topics being covered in school.

Behaviour and Discipline

Discipline is maintained by the encouragement and maintenance of high expectations and good standards of behaviour by all pupils. At all times a level of understanding the pupil, recognising their individuality and their unique view of the world must be taken into account. Strategies for supporting pupils who present behaviours that challenge are constantly being considered by staff, parents/carers and other professional expertise are sought. Overall emphasis is on the recognition and reinforcement of good appropriate behaviour by praise and reward. You can view our full behaviour policy below.

Behaviour Policy

Equal Opportunities

We value all members of our school and community seeking to accept everyone with respect and ensuring that all have equality of opportunities irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, background or disability. We aim to be fully inclusive in all areas of school life and encourage our pupils to recognise and value our rich and diverse world. You can view our equalities statement below.

Equalities Statement

Charging and Remissions

Our school aims to have robust, clear processes in place for charging and remissions. We clearly set out the types of activity that can be charged for and when charges will be made. As an exception to the charging process, the school is able to ask for
voluntary contributions from parents to fund activities during school hours which would not otherwise be possible. You can view our charging and remissions policy below.

Charging and Remissions Policy