Family Communication

Family Contact

Notices about school events, visits and special dates are sent out to parents on a regular basis. We use a wide range of methods to communicate with families, including a text messaging service and ParentMail. You can contact us by phone, 01733 391800

Parents / carers are welcome to visit school at any time to seek advice and help.

Home / School Diaries 

These books are our main line of communication with parents. We regard them as a very important feature of school life but rely on parents to make the system work. Please use them to let us have any information that may be helpful. We will use them too, to keep you informed about what is going on in school so you will have a talking point at home too! It cannot be stressed enough that this is a two way process in order that we can support your child’s development together.

Family Liaison Team 

Meet our family liaison team, they are here to support class teams in their communciations with you, provide support where possible and attend meetings around your child.

Our three family liaison officers are;
Pauline Gall
Naghina Ahmad
Monika Kaszuba