The Therapy Teams

Currently working within the Phoenix School we have input from the following therapy services: Physiotherapy, Speech and Language Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The school has a Medical Room, which provides the centre for all therapy input. Clinics will be held regularly within this department in close liaison with orthopaedic specialists and all medical staff involved with the pupils. These therapists provide pupils with assessment and treatment in individual and group sessions in the school with regular monitoring and review. They all work closely with all members of the professional Phoenix Team to ensure that each pupil receives therapy that is appropriate to individual requirements. The school also provides Music Therapy through links with Cambridgeshire Instrumental Music Agency.

Medical Services

The Phoenix School receives support from a wide range of professionals within the local Primary Care Trust. There are regular multi-disciplinary clinics with parents held in school by Consultant Community Paediatricians. These colleagues have expertise in developmental problems, physical disabilities and Autistic Spectrum Disorder. There is also close liaison with hospital and medical respite services. The school has regular input with School Nurses, provided by the local Primary Care Trust. The School Nurse will be based in school and available for advice and help during the school week. The service also provides specific training and gives general health advice to staff and parents. The service will be involved in promoting good health and will provide up to date information and training for all Phoenix Staff. The School Nurse will have special responsibilities for pupils within the school who have nursing needs.

Visiting Services

Teachers from both the Sensory Service and Early Years Service work in co-operation and consultation with class teams ensuring that great care is taken to plan for the whole child’s needs. Other services visiting the school include Children/Adult Services, Attendance Officer, Educational Psychologist and Volunteer Agencies.


Through the Peterborough Portage Service, key staff have been trained as Portage home visitors. The Phoenix School feels that this is a valuable link in providing support to some families within Peterborough.