Our Approach to the Teaching of Reading

At Phoenix we interpret reading in the broadest context as involving deriving meaning from the environment. This includes using objects, sensory cues including sounds and smells, pictures, photographs, signs and written words to support teaching and learning in reading. 

Our curriculum aims to teach reading skills progressively from first steps of shared exploration and developing responses to the sensory environment through to the more advanced skills of decoding, comprehension and forming and expressing opinions. We use our knowledge and assessment of individual students’ reading skills to provide relevant learning experiences and individualised programmes including phonics teaching where appropriate. 

Our breadth of study is informed by the National Curriculum and we aim to offer access to a diverse and far reaching range of literary genres. We use these as contexts for supporting students to develop communication and literacy skills relevant to their strengths, needs and interests. 

We value the richness of storytelling as an approach to developing core literacy skills and for providing pleasure and interest in reading. We strive to make story telling accessible to all our students through multi-sensory and creative cross curriculum approaches. 

Extra curricula events and activities are important in supporting our aims of promoting interest and enjoyment of  literature. For example, we have strong links with our local library who provide regular multi-sensory story telling sessions for groups of students and we invite performing groups into school several times each year as well as celebrations including the annual ‘World Book Day’ event.