School Improvement Plan

Welcome to the Phoenix School I hope that our School Improvement Plan (SIP) reflects the enormous pride we have in our school and is informative and helpful. 

This SIP is a continuation of the previous plan which was approved by the Governors in November 2014.It builds on the progress made over time and uses last year’s plan as a starting point for looking at which goals have been achieved, which actions are still in progress and any challenges that lie ahead. 

As we embark on our eleventh year our aspiration has always been to be considered a “confident outward looking centre of excellence”  and this was endorsed by us becoming a National Lead in Education “ and more recently a “Teaching School.”

Through strategic leadership the Phoenix School has always strived to articulate challenges and invite solutions. Therefore in line with previous years our 2015/2016 plan reflects Local and National Initiatives, Statutory duties, Ofsted directives and views of families as well as our own beliefs on how the Phoenix can further can grow and develop over the coming years.

However, it is also important to stress that some aspects of our work do not change and continue to be at the core of our vision as a school working with pupils with severe and profound learning difficulties. Our ever changing population requires us to be innovative, forward thinking and continually drive to improve our practice.

As a result the main aim of our School’s Improvement Plan is to set out a cycle of actions that reflects a commitment to continuous Self-review and improvement. The overall schedule is based on the OFSTED Framework, which is applied within the inspection process, defines a regular cycle of review identifying strengths and challenges within the school and continues to ensure that objectives can be achieved within the parameters of its delegated resources.

We adopt this plan through a consultative process which we consider is both morally right and democratically sound. Our schedule maps out distinct lines of enquiry for the evaluation and monitoring of the School. Through adopting a rigorous framework, no aspect of our school should be left without scrutiny. It allows us to have more clarity about our strengths and areas for future development and although there is this regular review schedule  the flexibility remains for staff, governors, families and children to make contributions to the whole SIP process.  Essentially, we have a valuable tool for school improvement and self-evaluation that is built upon expertise, experience, transparency and understanding.

The Children and Families Bill (the Bill) came into effect from September 2014 and is wide ranging in its scope. There are a number of Local Authority Pathfinder groups currently working in conjunction with the school on specific aspects of the Bill. There is no doubt that the Bill does have implications for Phoenix School and schools like ours and so it is important that we use this forthcoming year to work very closely with Peterborough Local Authority and have a shared commitment to building a better future for our pupils and families.

Over the last twelve months, we achieved the majority of our planned improvements. We are a young, thriving and successful school. The high expectations we have of each pupil are set within a caring and supportive framework, based on high standards of work, behaviour and respect for the individual. The Phoenix School exists for each and every pupil and they are at the very heart of all that we do. We continue to take pride in our excellent record of teaching and learning and the enrichment opportunities that we offer our pupils.

Please find this eleventh year of action planning – I hope that you will find these both informative and appropriate in supporting your child’s development ,we are always very grateful to receive comments and suggestions.

Attachments below include the latest plans and those from the previous year in date order.


SIP 2017-2018 StaffingSIP 2017-2018 PremisesSIP 2017-2018 CurriculumSIP 2017-2018 CommunityThe Phoenix School 3 Year Development Overview