Organisation & Staffing

Each class group has a minimum of one teacher and two teaching assistants. This organisation enables all the children to work in a variety of ways according to their needs. Individual and small group support is given for the majority of the child’s day.

Classes are arranged to provide a progression for all pupils passing through school. All class groups are linked to the appropriate Key Stage within school. Other professionals work closely with the staff both within the classroom and withdrawing children to work individually. The level of structure and style of organisation within classes varies depending on the needs of the children. This enables us to cater for the wide range of need including children with autism, severe learning difficulties, children with profound and multiple learning difficulties, and complex medical difficulties. The Phoenix School has two departments; whilst interaction between teams in departments is actively encouraged each department has a specific role of its own.

Early Years (Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1)

The Early Years curriculum offered at the Phoenix School is much broader than the EYFS and National Curriculum subjects alone. We aim to incorporate a developmental and therapy based curriculum supported by a range of professional agencies across the age range. Curriculum time is devolved to utilising specialist resources and opportunities such as hydrotherapy, music therapy, aromatherapy, sensory integration and a range of sensory and creative experiences.

All of our curriculum is individualised to make the most of relevant parts of both EYFS and the National Curriculum and create valuable and bespoke learning opportunities for our children. The Early Years comprises a 2 year cycle for Foundation Stage and a 2 year cycle for Key Stage 1. The subject topics within these cycles are taken from the EYFS or national curriculum breadth of study by subject coordinators. These are then grouped in ‘contexts’ across the 6 terms for the whole of Early Years. We feel passionately about promoting effective early skill development through a balance of learning opportunities and continuous provision. This provision is all underpinned by the characteristics of effective learning. 

Please take a look at our current class teams by clicking on the link below:

Early Years Class Team 1Early Years Class Team 2Early Years Class Team 3Early Years Class Team 4

Lower School (Key Stages 2 and 3)

Provides a broad curriculum, all learning programmes are needs driven and take into account local and national initiatives. Pupils from year 3 to year 6 follow a developmental curriculum. Throughout the day therapies and individual programmes are integrated into lessons in order to support the whole child at all times. All our classes make good use of our exciting learning spaces on the campus. The lower school creative curriculum has been developed over the years to best meet the varied needs of our pupils whilst providing rigour and challenge to our young peoples’ learning. Our “creative curriculum” is designed to support this approach offering breadth and diversity. At Key Stage 3 pupils continue to follow the full National Curriculum which is taught, modified and adapted to meet every child’s individual needs and also by concentrating on a holistic approach to teaching.

Please take a look at our current class teams by clicking on the link below:

Lower School Class Team 5Lower School Class Team 6Lower School Class Team 7Lower School Class Team 8Lower School Class Team 9Lower School Class Team 10Lower School Class Team 11Lower School Class Team 12Lower School Class Team 13

Upper School (Key Stages 4 and 5)

Within the department we aim to:

– Consolidate and continue to build upon the key skills and concepts developed within Middle School, in functional every day contexts where appropriate.

– Continue to promote growing independence of each student.

– Maximise their ability to be part of the community.

– Liaise closely with Connexions and adult services and provide support and preparation for Post Phoenix life.

– Provide opportunities for students to take ownership over their learning and opt for a curriculum that is increasingly personal and appropriate to the student.

– Create a personalised learning pathway that includes a starting point for progression and aims to achieve realistic goals.

– Provide continuity and pastoral support from a group tutor.

– Enable all students to work towards the achievement of Nationally Recognised Accreditation at the end of Key Stage 4 and the end of Key Stage 5, as well as the Phoenix Diploma on leaving.

Please take a look at our current class teams by clicking on the link below:

Upper School Class Team 14Upper School Class Team 15Upper School Class Team 16Upper School Class Team 17Upper School Class Team 18

Professional Development

A high priority is given to continuous professional development opportunities especially where it supports the aims of the School Improvement Plan but also in recognition of personal development needs. All staff take part in training and this is done by school staff/ professionals or by outside providers. This programme of staff training is on going and plays an important part in maintaining and improving quality throughout the school. It is the intention of the Phoenix School to provide the best possible teaching and learning environment. Our school can only be as good as the people who work in it. To this end, it is important that new staff are given every opportunity to prepare and develop fully into their new role through our Induction programme.