Charging & Remissions

We do not charge for school visits that are part of the curriculum, but we are very grateful to those parents who feel able to contribute towards the actual costs. What is charging? Charging is the making of a request from parents to contribute financially towards a school visit or activity. Why do we make charges? The Governing Body recognised the valuable contribution that the wide range of additional activities, including school trips, theatre visits and visiting curriculum expertise, can make to the children’s education and in particular to their personal and social development. It is the aim of the Governing Body to promote such activities as part of a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum for every pupil. How do we charge? If visits incur costs we will seek to recover as much as possible of the total cost by informing parents of the total cost and asking for a voluntary contribution. In accordance with Statutory Requirements, charges are therefore only made for the following:

– Board and lodging on residential excursions.

– “Optional Extras” i.e. activities outside school time not related to statutory duties.

Parents and carers may be invited to make a contribution towards the cost of an activity for which a charge may be made but there is no obligation to contribute. Pupils will not be excluded from any activity because their parents/carers have not contributed. The Governors reserve the right to consider assisting with voluntary contributions in cases of genuine temporary hardship. A full copy of the Charging and Remissions Policy is available on request.

Equal Opportunities

We value all members of our school and community seeking to accept everyone with respect and ensuring that all have equality of opportunities irrespective of their gender, ethnicity, religion, background or disability. We aim to be fully inclusive in all areas of school life and encourage our pupils to recognise and value our rich and diverse world. A copy of this policy can be provided on request.

Data Protection & Freedom of Information 

Basic information about pupils is held on computer to assist with the efficient organisation of the school. Security measures are taken to ensure that the information is kept confidential and is only available to authorised staff. It may be used for statistical purposes but this will not enable any individual to be identified. The school has registered with the Data Protection Registrar, details of persons to whom they may wish to disclose information. By law, under the provision of the Data Protection Act 1984, information can only be disclosed to other persons in accordance with this registration. The school is registered to disclose personal information to:- family, guardians, doctors, dentists, The Department of Education, The Local Authority and Social Services. It is the policy of the Governors that such information is confidential and that, even where a need to disclose information has been registered, it will only be divulged in exceptional circumstances and will be kept to the minimum necessary. The policy is, of course, subject to any law that imposes a duty of disclosure on the Governors. If you are concerned about any aspect of this information please contact the Headteacher.