Governing Body

The Governors stress that they wish parents/carers to feel able to approach them with any comments or concerns that they may have.

Under Government legislation, the Governors are responsible for:

– What is taught in school – a responsibility they share with the Headteacher and Local Authority.

– Appointing staff.

– The school budget.

– Keeping the buildings in good order.

The Governing Body has a duty to assist with the formulation of school policies. Our Governing Body consists of members drawn from parents, staff, Local authority and other representatives from our community. The group takes its responsibilities very seriously, meeting frequently and consulting on all issues relating to the children’s education. Individual Governors have specific roles and areas of interest as well as belonging to working parties/sub committees.

If you would like to speak to a school governor please contact the school office.

You can view our School Improvement Plan here.

The school governors are: Brian Woolley (Chair), Janet Clarke (Vice-Chair), Carol Barber, Charlie Kane, Charlotte Whysall (Headteacher) Debbie Thorn, Derek Lea (Clerk), Frankie Shortland (Staff), Gina Yates, Ian Seconde, Jamal Lumsden Din, Julie Miller, Maggie Short, Norma Greener,  Paulo Pinto, Shana Mozejko (Staff)