Foundation Learning

At the Phoenix School, Foundation learning starts at fourteen years of age as students enter the Upper School department. The students follow a five year curriculum that focuses on Functional skills, Personal and Social development and Vocational skills, as well as a focus on the Creative Arts and subject-based learning. Students have the opportunity to develop independence skills and daily living skills and achievements in all are celebrated frequently.

We liaise frequently with local providers and have formed a Link group to access facilities at City College Peterborough, where students are supported by college tutors and are introduced to college life.

The timetable and its content are highly individualised to each learner to ensure that all needs are met and all students are able to achieve. At the Phoenix School we understand that not all students progress along their learning pathways vertically and so require a breadth of experiences in order to make lateral progress. Currently, work completed by the students at the Phoenix School is accredited using ASDANs Personal Progress (Entry 1) and also ASDANs Personal, Social Development at Entry 1.

We are extremely committed to ensuring that students needs and preferences are taken into account and so are flexible in our approach and are willing to match external accreditation to the students preferred choices or vocational options.