Ethos, Values and Aims

We are committed to providing our children with an outstanding educational experience by creating a well organised learning environment that is challenging, stimulating and based on fun and enjoyment through a broad and balanced curriculum supported by British values.

At the Phoenix School We Strive to Create:

– A purposeful, vibrant accessible environment.

– An environment where making good relationships and getting on with people is strongly encouraged.

– An environment that strives to allow children to participate and be successful in their learning.

– An environment where all achievements are recognised and praised.

At the Phoenix School We Value:

– A climate that fosters fun, learning for all and a positive self image.

– Good relationships between staff and children, school and home, school and the wider community.

– An environment where everyone is treated with dignity, respect and is of equal worth.

– The different interests, strengths, rates of working and ways of learning for all.

Promoting Values at the Phoenix School

The Phoenix School is committed to serving its community.  It recognises the multi-cultural, multi faith and ever-changing nature of the United Kingdom.  It also understands the vital role it has in ensuring that groups or individuals within the school are not subjected to intimidation or radicalisation by those wishing to unduly, or illegally, influence them in line with the governments PREVENT agenda.

As part of the national curriculum schools maintained schools in England and Wales are required to promote the teaching of ‘British Values’.  The government set out its definition of British values in 2011 as:  Democracy; The rule of Law; Individual Liberty; Mutual Respect; and Tolerance of those with different faiths and beliefs. Although the term ‘British values’ is used here the Phoenix school recognises that these values are also integral to other countries and cultures and we therefore refer to them simply as ‘values’.  At the Phoenix School we teach a broad and balanced curriculum and values are a fundamental part of everything we do.  They are embedded in our school ethos and woven into our curriculum offer through the teaching of almost every subject.  These values are a part of our curriculum enhancement activities and our out of school provision offer and are upheld by every adult working within the school.

For more information about our ‘Teaching Values’ Policy please contact us. To view the government’s PREVENT agenda follow the link.

The Aims of the Phoenix School

– To enable each individual pupil to achieve the fullest degree of personal autonomy and have an equal opportunity to reach their maximum potential and have as much personal independence as possible within a multicultural society.

– To enlarge each individual pupil’s knowledge, experience and imaginative understanding so that they can be a contributing member of their social group.

– To provide an educational framework within which the individual’s self identity is nurtured, enabling them to achieve the highest possible standards in all areas, with opportunities to achieve recognised accreditation where appropriate.

– To work closely with parents/carers ensuring that all aspects of pupil progress are fully inclusive, shared and supported.

– To pursue excellence in all its activities within school including out of hours learning, play and life long learning opportunities and to raise awareness of the needs of our pupils though forging links with the Peterborough Community.

The Phoenix is unique both in the way these aims are achieved and how the balance is accomplished between pupil’s educational programmes and the other aspects of the learning environment. Every effort is made to discover the wishes of parents/carers regarding their children’s education. These aims are met by creating a well organised learning environment that is challenging, stimulating and based on fun and enjoyment.

The Phoenix will provide the pupils:

– With teaching of a high quality that has clear aims, uses effective methods and suitable resources and which is matched to their differing needs.

– With a broad and balanced curriculum which stimulates their interest in a wide range of cultural, aesthetic, physical and environmental issues.

– With a curriculum that requires pupils to be actively involved in their learning.

– With stakeholders that act in a positive partnership to promote the greatest possible opportunities for learning.

We will provide all stakeholders with a purposeful & friendly organisation that:

– Values all who learn, work in or visit the establishment.

– Provides strategies which utilise and develop further the professional abilities of each team member.

– Provides clear leadership and effective management.

– Ensure it is an integral part of the local and national educational communities.

At the Phoenix School we look at the whole person, planning realistic programmes to meet the intellectual, social, spiritual, moral, cultural, physical, emotional and therapeutic needs of each pupil. These needs are most effectively met by pursuing a child centred approach that is undertaken by a team of talented professionals. Each professional makes a special contribution brought about by individual training and expertise, but all are united in the common pursuit of the school’s mission “in making a difference for everyone”.