Sporting Activities

The school is committed to providing a range of sporting opportunities and activities. Team sports like football, basketball, cricket and hockey are taught. Individual sports like swimming, gymnastics, boccia, dance, trampolining, hydrotherapy and horse riding are also taught. Careful curriculum planning ensures that National Curriculum Programmes of Study requirements are delivered at the appropriate Key Stages. The older pupils in school have access to their own recreation area with a range of leisure facilities. The Phoenix School has some excellent facilities including large hall, adventure play area, soft play area, landscaped play areas, outside gym and a hydrotherapy pool. Visits by various sports specialists take place throughout the year. Specialist activities include cricket, zone hockey, table cricket, sailability, paddle ability, fishing and climbing.

Because many of our pupils have complex physical disabilities we also offer a broad range of therapeutic programmes to enable pupils to make the best use of their limited physical abilities. Expert advice is provided by physiotherapists in the form of physiotherapy programmes implemented by visiting physiotherapists and by the school staff following their guidance. Additional therapies include Rebound Therapy (on a trampoline) and Hydrotherapy.

Phoenix has been awarded the School Games gold mark for the fourth year in a row! This is a huge achievement by our pupils. The School Games Mark is a Government led awards scheme launched to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and in the community. Please follow the link to see what competitions are happening on the Phoenix School Games events page.

Please see the documents below for details on Sports Premium and School Games:

Sports Premium Fund Illustration 2017-2018