Assembly time at Phoenix School is recognised and celebrated as an integral part of school life for pupils, staff and families. Overseen by the SMSC innovation group assemblies are planned and delivered with a theme and purpose to encourage spiritual response and reflection during the school day.

Phoenix School pupils and staff represent a multicultural faith and non-faith community so it is imperative that the school supports and respects everyone’s beliefs.  Following a ‘Spirited Summer’ extravaganza of learning opportunities in 2013; including an input from Emma McVittie and the ‘ME!’ organisation, Phoenix decided to maximise and cultivate on the positive feedback received from the whole school community.

Every day ‘Spiritual time’ is given importance with class groups coming together to listen to music, share in reflection on the day and time to think of others.  Once a week mixed vertical pastoral groups share in a rota of school assembly, church assembly and smaller huddle activities.  Families and school Governors are warmly invited to the church assembly where we can house the wider Phoenix community.  Everyone plays a part of responsibility for organising and delivering the assemblies and activities, feedback from pupils and staff is openly positive.

Assemblies for achievement and celebration of success are separate occasions to ‘Spiritual time’ and commendation certificates and team points are distributed accordingly for good work.

Phoenix School has an appointed SMSC Governor, created an SMSC innovations team and an overseeing SMSC coordinator to ensure events; festivals and assembly time are positively inclusive and encourage a multi-faith school community and open dialogue with families.